January 20

Why you are limiting your organisation’s effectiveness



Think about some of your major goals that you are aiming to achieve over the next few quarters or years.  If you can’t think of any, then stop right now and do some life and career planning! They may be work- or career- related, but may also be in your community, voluntary organisation, church or other context.  Do any of those require the involvement or cooperation of other people?

HCI Leadership Fan - Impact

The fact is that almost all major goals require the participation of others.  So leadership ability will greatly impact your ability to achieve your goals. In other words, leadership skills are foundational for achieving so many things!

So… we are aiming for increased impact, and leadership is the way to get that.  So impact appears on the right of the HCI leadership fan, as one of the ultimate results of leadership.

The dark side of this is that YOU are the limit on your organisation’s effectiveness! If your leadership is strong, the potential effectiveness of your organisation is high.  But if your leadership is weak, then the organisation is weakened accordingly.  As John C Maxwell puts it, “Leadership ability is always the lid on personal and organisational effectiveness…That’s why in times of trouble, organisations naturally look for new leadership…When a company is losing money, it hires a new CEO…When a sports team keeps losing, it looks for a new head coach.

But of course, changing the leader isn’t an attractive idea if you are the leader! There is another way, however: grow your personal leadership ability and raise the lid on your – and your organisation’s – performance. What a great reason for becoming a student of leadership this year!

Do you agree that leadership is the art of impact? Am I overstating my case? Are there other ways to major impact? Leave me a comment or drop me a mail with your insights.

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Richard Medcalf

Strategist, consultant and business leader with 15 years experience in helping companies thrive in an Internet world. Formerly a partner in strategy consultancy Analysys Mason; now at Cisco Systems, developing new strategic partnerships with leading telecoms players.

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