January 13

HCI Leadership Fan: A framework for growing your impact



Have you ever found your ability to effect change hampered by something you overlooked? You were working hard to lead your organisation to change in some way, but got tripped up by something unexpected.  We need a framework to avoid missing an essential leadership ingredient.

The HCI Leadership Fan (Blank)

We’ve probably all been there   We’ve a compelling vision, built a great plan – but are not getting people on board.  Or we’ve launched a changed initiative and it is getting bogged down and stalling.  The reason is probably that we’ve forgotten to cover one or more of the bases.  Successful leadership requires spinning a number of plates – from personal integrity to building the right team to managing questions of timing – and it can be easy to only remember a crucial aspect when it raises its head during the change initiative and bites you!

So over the next few posts I will outline a simple framework – the HCI Leadership Fan – that brings together many of the issues around leadership in one place. It’s a first draft, and hopefully the act of writing out these posts, along with your feedback, will refine and improve on it, but I think it is a valuable and memorable way of keeping important leadership concepts together.

The basic diagram is shown in the image above.  I’ll fill in all the (20+) blanks as we go along… and explain the significance of the term HCI!

Give it some thought: what would the elements of a leadership diagram look like if you were to sketch one?  What aspects spring to mind?

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About the author 

Richard Medcalf

Strategist, consultant and business leader with 15 years experience in helping companies thrive in an Internet world. Formerly a partner in strategy consultancy Analysys Mason; now at Cisco Systems, developing new strategic partnerships with leading telecoms players.

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