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Is 40% of telecoms value about turf not technology? — 2 Comments

  1. Actually not that surprising as Access is in my opinion the major asset of Telecom operators.
    I disagree with your statement “it’s low innovation business” … Over the years, significant innovations developed as for instance micro-trenching, or the number of fibers you can place in a duct and so on …

    • Hello, and thanks for the comment. You are right that “access” is a major asset. I suppose I would just say that it is more the “access infrastructure” than the “access network (electronics)” that is the key asset.

      As for the level of innovation – you are right that there have been significant innovations on the civil works side. The key phrase is “over the years”, as you put it yourself. I would say it is not a no-innovation business but a low-innovation business. Compared with the speed of other parts of the FASP4 framework, it is still the most slow-moving and stable business.


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