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3 hidden messages for telcos in the Cisco VNI 2014 traffic forecast — 4 Comments

    • Ken, thanks for this link: it reinforces the point exactly and shows why “business as usual” (i.e. connectivity-focused) expansion into M2M is not going to move the needle in the way telcos would like. Thanks again.

  1. Richard,

    there is another – potentially conflicting message in VNI: when you look at the sources of traffic in 2018 then it is

    44% Fixed/WiFi from WiFi-only devices
    17% Fixed/WiFi from mobile devices
    24% Fixed/wired
    15% mobile data

    This means that 85% of the traffic will still come through the fixed network. I don’t exactly know how much of the Fixed/WiFi traffic will actually come through the SP-owned access point, and which ones are rather private ones in homes, shops, enterprises, …

    In any case, the fact that the wireline access network will play such an important role going forward is a very important message, in particular to policy makers. Many of them still believe that the world will become more and more wireless, and therefore, wireline networks will become obsolete over time. Nothing could be further from the truth 🙂

    Best regards


    • Wolfgang – good point. All telecoms is moving to a wireless “last X” (where X can be a metre or a mile or more!) connecting to a fixed network. As traffic density increases, X decreases and the fixed network gets closer to the user.

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